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Corporate Ethos Triangle

Traditional Series  土佐一 [Tosa-Ichi]

Pursuit for Practicality 左近 [Sakon]

Innovative Approach 無限 [Mugen]

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Tradition series

The family of high carbon steel edge kitchen knives cladded & forged by the local blacksmith and Hokiyama factory craftsmen. Because the outer layer of the blade is made of extremely soft iron, it’s so easy to sharpen on your demand, and also its traditional core steel provides us with sensitive cutting touch. Note: The edge is easy to get rusted, if the blade is not properly cared. (Several series of the blades have corrosion-resistant feature since their surface is cladded with soft stainless.)

土佐一 影 Tosa-ichi Shadow

The core “Hitachi Blue Super”  is one of the most advanced steel among Japanese precious carbon steels, commonly called ‘Aogami Super’ in the knife world. The dark black skin stainless provides rust proof property to the blade surface. Elegant Nashiji or Dynamic Dimple finish choice is available.

土佐一 影

土佐一 輝 Tosa-ichi Bright

It is the brighter finish model just acting as a twin of Tosa-ichi Shadow, The core is made of ‘Aogami Super’ as well. The Dimple pattern finish model only available. The brighter shiny stainless made skin provides rust proof property to the blade surface.


土佐一 碧 Tosa-ichi ao

A kind of progressive style of the old-fashioned “Tosa-Ichi” knives simply made of iron & carbon steel, Employing “Hitachi Blue Super” steel as the blade core and clad with soft stainless outer layer. The former premium steel is to achieve better sharpness & hardness, the latter is to give the rust proof property to the blade surface.

土佐一 碧

土佐一 珀雲 Tosa-ichi shirakumo

This is a hammered finish blade with a core made of Yasugi Shirogami No. 2 steel, which has been most frequently used in the traditional blacksmith's made "Tosa-ichi" products. It is so easy for users to resharpen and is the best model as an introductory series of carbon steel clad knives.


土佐一 珀粋 Tosa-ichi hakusui

”Hakusui” is the flagship series of roll-forged knives representing the "Tosa-Ichi" category. Yasugi Shirogami No.1 steel, favored by top chefs, is used for this product. and we adapt a special cooling system for its delicate heat-treatment. Coming with the octagonal buffalo horn collar magnolia handle.

土佐一 煇

武峰 Buho

“A kind of traditional art for use.” Truly hand made blade by the famous master blacksmith in Tosa, Takeo Murata. With HOKIYAMA original design philosophy and fine handle fitting works, it integrates the artistic “Kurouchi” blade with a practical western style grip & stainless hilt.


黒打土佐一 Kurouchi Tosa-ichi 

The typical traditional knife which has black surface skin called "Kurouchi". You can feel the distinctive taste of iron from the primitive blade finishing.

土佐一 祐光 とさいち すけみつ

The standard model of single bevel Japanese kitchen knife. Employng ‘Aogami’ or ‘Shirogami’ for the edge side and extremely soft iron for the outer surface. The blade is forged painstakingly by local smiths in Tosa using belt-hammers. Usually the blades are finished by ‘Kasumi’ or ‘Bokashi’ traditional manner.



Practicality series

HOKIYAMA’s flagship kitchen knife brand named after the nickname of Toushiro, a master swordsmith of Edo Period and the father of the pioneer of TOSA Cutlery, Yoshimitsu. The series, developed for both practical benefits and functional beauty by combining the Japanese sword making methodology with modern materials, design and techniques.  “SAKON” achieved the ideal properties during the long history of HOKIYAMA Cutlery. “SAKON” family product features amazing sharpness and strong corrosion-resistance by using high carbon stainless steel, high-speed steel, die steel and Damascus steel so that they meet a wide range of needs from home-use to top professional chef’s heavy use.

左近龍雅 Sakon Ryuga

Previously called “Artisan High-Speed Master”, Ryuga series are its successor, high-end models simply aiming at pure practicality for professionals. Powder metal’s extreme sharpness and edge holding capability will withstand even the needs of the most demanding Chef. Besides standard western style collection, the Roll-forged Japanese style new model has been launched in 2017, which has a rosewood octagonal shaped handle. 

Sakon Ryuga
Sakon Ginga

左近銀雅 Sakon Ginga

Developed as the successor series of “Sakon-Shiraume”, Employing “Hitachi Gingami No.3” steel as the blade core and clad with elegant Nashiji finish stainless outer layer. Besides standard bolster models, The brand-new octagonal shaped pakka wood full tang model(without bolster) has been launched. In 2018 Spring, Japanese style single bevel series will be coming up next.


左近白梅 Sakon Shiraume

The memorable series which gives remarkable corrosion resistance to Japanese traditional double or triple layer clad kitchen knives by switching from carbon steel to stainless material. HOKIYAMA’s innovative experimental challenge started with this series. Original models were launched in 1982. Single & Double bevel models available. 

Sakon Shiraume

左近叢雲 Sakon Murakumo

The series, adding artistic and collectible values to the blades with stunning beautiful Damascus steel or hammered Dimple finishing. Realizing razor edged metal art. The name, MURAKUMO is taken from legendary swords in Japanese myths.

Sakon Murakumo

The SAKON Supremacy 

The SAKON Supremacy

The premium luxury collections, based on the SAKON RYUGA, adding many artistic and collectible values to the blades.

65 layered Nickel Damask blade, original bamboo handle, mosaic pin, original sheath. optional hand-engraving.



Innovation series

MUGEN is our revolutionary brand to search for the breakthrough in the knife world. Away from the conventional norms and existing old-school techniques, By adopting technologies, materials and manufacturing processes from different fields. HOKIYAMA keeps on developing experimental products to pursue the future of cutting devices.


Launched in the year 2010 as “SAKON+” knife which has a self-regenerating cutting edge. This innovative blade is manufactured by the patented“Vee-Tech” processing originally developed for aircraft and spaceships.



Craftsmanship meets cutting-edge ceramic technology. We are proud to present these elegant tools that combine the latest fine ceramic zirconia material and blade joint technology with classic wooden handles to create kitchen knives that never rust.



The series combines carburizing-black ceramic blade with the distinct octagonal shaped pakka wood handle.


Other Item

In Hokiyama Cutlery, we manufacture various items besides kitchen knives. It will introduce its part of the product.

Leather Knife 秀次 HIDESTUGU

"Hidetsugu" knife was created in Japanese Taisho era(1912-26) and the knives contributed to leather craftsmen, shoes repair craftsmen for supporting their precise cutting. Nowadays, "Hidetsugu" brand leather knives are loved not only in Japan but also in mainly Asia and ASEAN countries.  By adopting Hitachi blue steel #1, the blade realizes outstanding sharpness & edge retention, the original 2 layer structure cladded with soft iron, gives easier re-sharpening feature to the blade as well. The knife has unchanged classic style with finger-friendly magnolia round handle.


Sakon Hinoki Cutting Boards

We use SHIMANTO HINOKI that is at least 90 years old, thus imbuing grain with greater fineness. The Hinoki wood surface known as KIOMOTE, and the reverse side known as KIURA have been combined alternately to prevent warping. The board edge is rimmed with Walnut to negate twisting and warping. 


Hokiyama Brand

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