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HOKIYAMA’s flagship kitchen knife brad named after the nickname of Toushiro, a master swordsmith of Edo Period and the father of the pioneer of TOSA Cutlery, Yoshimitsu. The series, developed for both practical benefits and functional beauty by combining the Japanese sword making methodology with modern materials, design and techniques.  “SAKON” achieved the ideal properties during the long history of HOKIYAMA Cutlery. “SAKON” family product features amazing sharpness and strong corrosion-resistance by using high carbon stainless steel, high-speed steel, die steel and Damascus steel so that they meet a wide range of needs from home-use to top professional chef’s heavy use.

The SAKON Supremacy

The premium luxury collections, based on the SAKON RYUGA, adding many artistic and collectible values to the blades. 

65 layered Nickel Damask blade, original bamboo handle, mosaic pin and original sheaths. 


SAKON Ryuga Damask 65-Layers (Powder metal core / Nickel-Stainless Damascus Blade)

PETTY / 135mm

SANTOKU / 180mm

CHEF’S KNIFE / 210mm

SANTOKU Octagon Bamboo handle model / 165mm 

The four HSS Damascus items listed above were developed in the 2015-2017 period and have all been discontinued.
We will continue to release a limited number of extremely high-grade steel clad concept models as "Sakon Supremacy",

the SAKON symbolic series, Stay tuned.



“A knife Supreme”the definitive Japanese sashimi slicer


Premium powder metal clad steel

Asymmetric Powdered high speed steel clad with soft stainless outer layer. The cutting edge SRS13 steel gives the “SAKON RYUGA” blade an immense strength and incredible hardness of up to HRC-64. Note : refer to “Powder Metallurgy” in the reverse page.


Special Order (Hand Engraving)

Optional engraving is prepared for all of SAKON RYUGA knives.

Available by special order only.

Hand-crafted by engrave.jpg

Original bamboo handle

This knife handle is made of laminated Japanese bamboo, which is used in the steering wheel of top luxury cars. A special processing process impregnated with resin has been added to give it strong water and corrosion resistance. The design is based on the traditional octagonal style, with a large chamfered tip to fit comfortably in the hand and provide a firm grip.

Octagon shape.jpg

Octagon shape

Decorative rivets.jpg

Decorative rivets

Hand-crafted by engraver

Japanese legendary Dragon.jpg

The figure of Japanese legendary Dragon on the blades

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