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TOSA cutlery has over 800 years of history as a traditional industry originated from SAMURAI sword making. Distinctive products are kitchen knives and various cutting tools used at forestry, agricultural & horticultural field.  The products are forged & properly heat-treated by skillful craftsman and their quality has been verified by  professional users at work.


For its reputation, "TOSA Cutlery" was approved as a official local brand by the Japanese patent office in 2007. Hokiyama Cutlery was founded in 1919 and is located in the center of TOSA province, Shikoku Island, Japan.Based on traditional knife-making techniques, we've developed and improved our core technology "Roll-Forging" and accumulated various processing know-hows since 70's.


In the middle of 80's, a revolutionary breakthrough in ceramic technology presented Hokiyama with the opportunity to begin manufacturing ceramic blade knives.  Now the ceramic knife market grows worldwide.In the late 90's, we succeeded to create original multi-layered Damascus steel plate by the combination of mechanical rolling method & traditional hand forging.  The original Damask material sheet and application Damask knives had been exhibited at the Koln Messe Germany in 2001.


In that time, we have worked relentlessly to optimize sharpening, robot grinding and keep on challenging new materials for blade & grip.  With nearly 100 years of history, we are proud to present a brand new innovative kitchen knives called "SAKON+" and many more latest Japanese clad steel knives for next milestone.

Corporate Information


Company name :  Hokiyama Cutlery co.,ltd.

President :  Shinsuke Hokiyama

Foundation :   1919

Incorporated :  1957

Capital :  35 million yen

Product rage :  KITCHEN KNIFE Stainless Steel blade, Clad Steel blade, Japanese Traditional Carbon Steel blade Stainless Damascus blade, Nickel Damascus blade,Ceramic blade  /  AGRICULTURAL & FORESTRY TOOLS Sickle, Hatchet, Machete, Hoe, Axe  /  CUTTER BLADE FOR MACHINERY, FORGED PARTS   /  DAMASCUS STEEL SHEET, CLAD STEEL SHEET  /  FORGED SEMI-FINISHED BLADE Hunting knife, Sports knife, Folding knife


Head Office, Factory :    3-15 Sakae Tosayamada Kami city, Kochi JAPAN


3-15 Sakaemachi Tosayamadacho Kami-City Kochi Pref. Japan 782-0039

TEL : +81-887-53-5111  FAX : +81-887-53-5115


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