MUGEN is our revolutionary brand to search for the breakthrough in the knife world. Away from the conventional norms and existing old-school techniques, By adopting technologies, materials and manufacturing processes from different fields. HOKIYAMA keeps on developing experimental products to pursue the future of cutting devices. 


Innovative approach to cutting.

Inspired by technology, functionality and classic Japanese design…Sakon+

About 2300 years ago, iron was introduced to Japan, and the iron blade was forged. In the 14th century, cutting tools similar to today’s kitchen knives appeared. Over the centuries, blacksmiths, craftsmen, and those involved in the cutlery industry have been developing many types of kitchen knives.  In the year 2010, an innovative blade was manufactured which has a spontaneously regenerating cutting edge.

"Vee-Tech®" is the brand new patented processing originally developed for aircrafts & spaceships. It has successfully brought an incredible sharpness to the blade, a sharpness that will last longer than ever before. This process gradually turns the cutting edge from traditional steel into a micro carbide melted alloy.

The third remarkable feature is that it can be sharpened as desired anytime by using a conventional whetstone  because it has a stainless based blade. That's the reason why Sakon+ is recommended for both home use and in the professional kitchen.

+ Edge

Sakon+ has Vee-Tech®applied blade: It has an extraordinary sharpness retention boosting effect on traditional stainless steel. "Vee-Tech® pat.p." originates from aircraft & spaceship technology and is a completely new blending processing of steel and extremely hard carbide. It differs from conventional surface coating as no peeling occurs because the carbide particle is melted into base metal steel and the processed blade becomes a real alloy. As a result it gives the cutting edge a high-tech armored like protection. In addition to the wear resistance quality produced by melted hard carbide, Sakon+ has the outstanding feature of its cutting edge gradually regenerating with use.  New micro-serrated carbide particle appears on top of the edge spontaneously. This happens because of the difference in the hardness of the carbide and base metal particles. This regenerating phenomenon is likened to a shark’s tooth - when one part breaks off it automatically grows back. That's the secret why Vee-Tech®processed metal edges keep their unbelievable sharpness as do the ceramic knives without any sharpening. Incredible Edge retention & sharpness has been verified not only by the remarkable CATRA testing results but also by professional chefs at work.

+ Grip

Sakon+ has a unique synthetic marble applied grip. Trimmed and shaped from methacrylic resin solid plate, its deep & rich transparency displays the elegance of cool beauty.Because the material is nonporous, stains do not penetrate the surface. With proper cleaning, it also resists the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.That’s the reason it is widely used in sinks and on kitchen surfaces. Soapy water or a mild detergent is all that is necessary for the daily care of your 


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17112 / 185mm

Chef's Knife

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