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Sakon Hinoki Cutting Boards

We use SHIMANTO HINOKI that is at least 90 years old, thus imbuing grain with greater fineness. The Hinoki wood surface known as KIOMOTE, and the reverse side known as KIURA have been combined alternately to prevent warping. The board edge is rimmed with Walnut to negate twisting and warping. 


Hinoki Cutting Boards


Among Japanese cypress, SHIMANTO HINOKI has an immensely high oil content. The surface is characterised by an unusual and very striking pale pink. It is resistant to common wood diseases such as mould, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli. The HINOKI boards flexible, elastic surface is extremely forgiving to the sharp edge, enabling the user to maintain the working for far, far, longer. The HINOKI board is especially recommended for very high quality extra sharp Japanese knives (usually in excess of HRC 60) which  are more prone damage with ordinary wooden and high density plastic boards. 


Japanese cypress HINOKI is known as an outstanding building wood, which possesses anti bacterial and insect repellent properties. HINOKI wood was used in the creation of the 1300 year old Horyuji temple, the world’s oldest wooden structure, thus proving its incredible enduring quality. 

The Shimanto river (which runs through South West of Shikoku) is rich in elements that nourish the HINOKI cypress.   HINOKI cypress wood as well as being anti bacterial is highly water resistant as well as possessing an unusual degree of inner flexibility.


Large size  W390mm × H240mm × D15mm

Medium size  W330mm × H220mm × D15mm

Small size  W280mm × H180mm × D15mm

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