In the Hokiyama factory, each knives are produced through over 50 processing controlled by skillful craftsmen.

Among various stage of works, our most unique technology is the Roll-Forging that enables efficient & uniform processing without deterioration of Japanese quality steel. besides the pursuit of such an advanced method, each specialists keep on accumulating traditonal grinding skills & know-how to create the finer products every single day.


Roll-Forging specialist

Press Blanking specialist

Heat-Treatment Chief engineer

Mechanical Auto-Grinding specialist

Master of Manual grinding

Strain-Adjustment Master, Electrical equipment engineer

Handle Assembling specialist

Handle Polishing specialist

Versatile vetaran engineer

Forging, jig making, mechanical-grinding

Cheif of grinding & sharpening shop

Versatile blade finisher, creator by multiple use of grinding equipments

Captain, Shinsuke Hokiyama, President of Hokiyama Cutlery


Hokiyama Specialist