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‘CLAD steel’ is a laminated steel made of high-carbon steel and mild-soft steel.Making cutlery with two kinds of steel is originated from Japanese sword making.

We produce final product and CLAD steel.

Very few company  in the world can produce from CLAD steel to final product.

We have been supplied  cutlery manufacturing plant and skill from our parental company ‘Hokiyama cutlery Co., Ltd..Because of the cooperation with staffs in China and Japan for better products, now we produce over 2,000 products.

We fulfill the requirement for high quality products from Japanese customers.

Location: Wuhu economic and technological development zone, Anhui, China(90km upper stream of Chang Jiang from Nanjing)

Chief Executive Officer:  Shunji Hokiyama

General Manager:  Yoritomo Shimamoto

Capital:  270 million yen(All Japanese)

Phone: (+86)-553-5841136

Fax: (+86)-553-5841087v

Mail: wugao@wugao.com


Clad steel manufacturing

Screw press for mold forging

Air hammers for roll forging

Continuous heat treatment electric furnace


Clad steel for cutlery / damascus clad steel for cutlery / kitchen kinves /

knives / sickle / hatchets /scissors / gardening supply /

automatic grinding machine / cultery for farm machine

Export from China: Hokiyama cutlery Co., Ltd. handle all export.